Of all the Duchies in the Kingdom it can be said that Avalon represents the greatest dichotomy. They are simultaneously the closest and also the furthest away from the Black Heart. Avalon is a highly militant Duchy placed outside the borders of Blackheart Kingdom, inside the lands of another ruler. It is led by the appointed Viceroy Ages of Infinity, the Spear of Blackheart, whose citizens follow without question. His military prowess is known and feared throughout the realm. Elyrian history refers to Avalon citizens as spiritual, able and sturdy, and they are known to believe in enlightenment and the perfect balance between mind, body, soul and spirit. They all know their place, and are expected at all times to follow the rules set by the Viceroy. The location of the Duchy outside of the Kingdom borders has created friction among a few of the counts, who have defied the Queen and are thus not welcome inside the Kingdom’s walls. Avalon’s goal is to conquer a second Kingdom in the name of Blackheart, thus strengthening its stranglehold in the continent. The Queen has expressed her support of the Viceroy, the Duchy and most of its goals, and makes certain the Kingdom is ready to aid Avalon when the time comes.

Ruler: Viceroy Ages of Infinity  (a.o.i)
Focus: Humanitarianism, Military, Unity, Trade, Industrialization, and Roleplay
Laws: You steal, you will be punished.  You kill, you will die. You destroy cities, you will be public executed.
Events: Roleplaying Events, Games, Card Game Tournaments, PvP Combat events, Versus combat games, & Others
Purple Star period is a period of time in which everyone look upon the great burning.  To honor the time period of separation of 2 great forces.  Good & Evil.  Benevolence & Malevolence
Flower:  Purple Rose
Minor Flower:  Sunflower
Religion: None