Of all Duchies in the Kingdom of Blackheart, the Royal Duchy of Darkholm embodies darkness itself in almost every way. From the music, to the dressing style, to the humor of its people, Darkholm is heavily influenced by the somber nature of the family that has ruled it for many generations. Tradition and loyalty are most important to the population of the Duchy. Despite the hard labor and infrequent celebrations, the citizens know all their hard work is rewarded and they are protected fiercely as if they themselves were members of the Royal House. A considerable portion of the House’s fortune is spent on research for the benefit of the Duchy and the Kingdom, and most of it military and occult, but despite the technological advancements, many travelers feel time never passes in this region of Blackheart. If it wasn’t for the presence of the capital and its business, hundreds of years would pass and things would seem to have changed very little if at all.

Notable units and groups in Darkholm Duchy:
-The Black Knights (Knights and cavalry) -Commander Serverus Ecru
-The Queen’s Talons (Queen’s mercenary unit) First Talon –Raum Darkholm
-The Thornguard (Queen’s Guards) –Count Gustavus Darkholm, Shield of the Queen
-The Vultures (war scavengers) –Countess Elleonora Darkholm
-The Sirens (Darkholm navy, unfilled)
-Loremasters (bounty hunters) –Count Azareth Darkholm
-The Black Forge (smith guild) –Aristov III Darkholm

Ruler:Archduchess Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Blackheart

Focus:Technology and occult lore, military

Laws: Darkholm Duchy’s intricate and strict laws are designed to allow as much freedom as possible, while ensuring the loyalty and protection of its citizens. Queen Rowena takes an active role in the ruling of her home, and most of the laws in Darkholm ultimately translate to Kingdom Laws.

-Day of Knowledge
-The Red Day
-Flower Festival

Crimson (Blood red rose)