Waves are said to run this Duchy. Waves of menn, waves of progress, waves of war. One thing is known for sure, and it is that the coastal Duchy of Mycenae is surrounded by beautiful waters, great beaches, and waves brought by friendly winds that have turned the Duchy into the center for exploration and military navy of Blackheart Kingdom. Essentially everything in Mycenae is dedicated to technological advancement of seafaring and navigation, and the Kingdom sends a lot of its funds to assist in the building of ships for exploration and its navy. Where the Darkholm ships are mostly caravels, the Mycenae comprises of ships of every size. Archduke Tavadon is a quiet mann, brooding, but with great ability and skill. He prefers to work from behind the curtains and oversee his Duchy does its duty for the growth of the Kingdom. Mycenae’s people work well as a team, are seasoned sailors and travelers and great cartographers.