Olath Valm

The undisputed center of trade for the Kingdom of Blackheart is Olath Valm, the land of the Archduchess Ilhar Kal’daka. It is the sister Duchy to the Royal Duchy of Darkholm, and many of their rules are discussed between the Archduchess and the Queen herself before being set in place. The focus of this Duchy is on trade routes, financial growth and productivity. The Great Bank of Blackheart resides within this Duchy, which is found among woodlands and fertile plains. Olath Valm borders Darkholm as fraternal twins embraced since the moment of their inception. They mint the coin of Blackheart, they refine metals and produce for the whole Kingdom, and the Kingdom itself provides them protection, lands and guidance. When a traveler sets foot in Olath Valm they sometimes believe they have reached the capital, and at least in a financial way, it is.

Ruler:Mendi Officidelis

Focus: Olath Valm focuses heavily on economic growth and most of its counties focus on such things as trade, resource gathering, farming, and crafting. Nestled beside the Kingdoms capital and military focused duchy grants Olath Valm a greater degree of protection from invading forces allowing the duchy to focus heavier on economic growth and exportation of goods, while using its own forces to patrol roads and ensure the safe transport of goods and services.

Laws: Other than county and Kingdom Laws the duchy plans to be light on laws and restrictions only forming those that become needed for the overall protection of its members. There is only a single Planned law that falls outside of this doctrine and that is the protection of the Duchy animal, Wolves. Wolves are considered sacred and thus it is illegal to hunt or needlessly kill a wolf. Further importation of goods crafted from wolves will be strictly watched and may be banned. The trade and training of wolves for protection purposes and pet purposes however will be encouraged so long as the intent is not to harm the wolf itself.

Events: There is plans to implement a small array of arenas in the strongholds of the duchy counties and to hold regular fairs in which the champions of these area compete for honor and prizes while craftsmen and merchants trade their goods and people enjoy the attractions and good will of their fellow kingdom members. Though the exact details of these are undetermined until more is released and we know what is possible there will be a mild focus on ensuring these events come into being in some form as a kind of duchy wide holiday. Further at current about once a lifetime (every year on hollows eve) there will be a duchy holiday celebrating the hunt and giving praise to the prey and fallen warriors. Though the exact details of this are yet to be determined it is desired to make this day a fun and rewarding day to members of the duchy. Preferably forming into a large feast with various games and prizes given out and ending in some kind of large hunt contest with the winner gaining some form of reward that they get to use until the next hunt. This reward may be in the form of some large plot of land or tax break or some other honor or reward that can be useful until the next great hunt.
Flower: The official flower of Olath Valm is the Red rose
Religion: (subject to change) Luna