Ruler: Archduke Lief Corvus, Duchess Evalyn Corvus

Focus:  Focused on Production, Animal husbandry, and Economy as well as Specialized military.

Laws: Ravencrest honors the laws of Blackheart.

  • Assault and Murder is illegal, disputes will be handled logically and brought to the attention of the local Baron if unable to reach a compromise. Imprisonment for those found guilty. – Self Defense is legal.

  • Any form of theft are illegal and will be punished based on the severity of the crime.

  • No unjustified killing or stealing of a Horse or other revered mount animal. Punishment is imprisonment up to twenty years. Multiple Offenses are subject to the death penalty.

  • Slavery is illegal, However, Indentured servitude can be enforced for those found in significant debt.

  • No selling of false material. False advertisement will be fined if found guilty.

  • No trespassing on personal land or property without permission. Will be fined or imprisoned if found guilty.

  • Nobility found abusing their tax system or found executing oppression on their people, will find their place in Court and position in question.


Raven’s Day- This annual holiday is celebrating the unification of the tribes that led to the creation of Ravencrest, honoring our ancestors by dressing in black feathered robes and costumes. A parade is held in Wēland, capital city of Ravencrest. Tradition is, for the birdkeepers to set a flock of newly fledged Ravens free at the end of the day.

Day of Coin- No taxes will be paid on the Day of Coin. A day to celebrate the bright minds of individual merchants and Guild leaders for their added innovation and skill to the success of Ravencrest.

Festival of Life- A day of rest, where the beasts of burden are revered and thanked for their sacrifice and service to Ravencrest. Often on this day, working animals are dressed in garlands of edible flowers and left to lounge in the fields.

Flower: Bittersweet Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara)

Religion: No Duchy specific religion, Freedom of belief is practiced within Ravencrest.