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In Darkness, We Find Light.

Who Are We

We are the Blood of BlackHeart and together we will go places that others will only dream about. Become what you are destined to be, no matter your aspirations. We citizens of BlackHeart work towards our goals together, for the betterment of the entire kingdom. We are many, we are one.

What We Look For

We are always looking for citizens that aspire to follow whatever their heart desires. Loyalty and commitment are two traits we desire in all that join our kingdom. When we refer to commitment we are directly refering to your ability to commit to whatever it is you wish to do in Elyria. Our part in this is to make sure that we can help and work with you to achieve success. When we have successful and forward thinking citizens, we as a community grow stronger and more diverse.

Tell us what you have to offer, and what makes you one of our Blood.

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