Welcome To Blackheart

With heavy ties to role playing we do enjoy a good story. We look to enrich the world of CoE and strive to hold the gaze of all those that live in Elyria. Role playing not your thing? That is just fine, we have a place for everyone no matter your play style. First and foremost we are a community.

Queen Rowena Monarch of Blackheart

If you have to ask who Rowena Darkholm is you must have been living under an ursaphant’s excrement.

What kind of Queen would choose to wear a crown of scorn that scars to win my heart.

What kind of love makes me the reason she must never die.

When she stands before my eyes, all my walls crumble, all my weapons break and my knees lose all strength.

Who can speak and send my fears and inner demons back from whence they came, with but one word.

Who can whisper life into my weary soul?

What other heart would let itself be broken every time to heal mine.

She is the darkness, she is the light, she is everything.

She lives for me…and because of this, I live, and will live and die for her…She is the Queen of my black heart.

Our Kingdom

Blackheart was founded on the principles of Loyalty and Freedom within the confines of the law of the land. While some may argue how can there be ‘freedom’ when there are laws of the land, its people do not fear following the Monarch’s laws. Rowena Darkholm is now and has always been a fair and just protector, not a tyrant as many seem to think. Blackheart places heavy emphasis on the virtues of Loyalty, Freedom and Lawfulness. They represent the core beliefs and desires for its members. Those seeking to join Blackheart should desire similar goals. Loyalty is far and away the most important quality a Blackheart citizen must possess. This extends to our Monarch, to Ourselves and to our Kingdom. We want to build a land where we can feel safe knowing our neighboring citizens have our back. This means that should a real life emergency arise, our people will continue to take care of us when needed (reasonably so) and we will not suffer for it. As such, we try our best to avoid secrets from each other as it will only make us weaker and unprepared. In addition, Blackheart encourages all of its Blood to share and give their best to the rest of the Kingdom.

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